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Our Benelux staff are regularly authors and/or co-authors of printed publications in the business and socio-economic sphere.

The State of the City The Citiy is the state, 2007 VUBPRESS
The authors did collect essays and interviews from politicians, academics, philosophers and business people about the international city and cities in the future. The contributions focus on themes like economical interaction, political collaboration and environmental and cultural trends.

The Innovation Premium: How Next Generation Companies Are Achieving Peak Performance and Profitability
The Innovation Premium draws on years of experience and primary research conducted with industry pioneers worldwide to demonstrate for the first time ever a direct, measurable correlation between a companys innovation leadership and its performance on Wall Street. More than a change in leadership, more than a merger or acquisition, more than a renewed commitment to cost reduction, investors reward and pay a premium for innovation.


Third Generation R&D Management: Managing the Link to Corporate Strategy
Third Generation R&D: Managing the link to Corporate Strategy is designed to give business leaders and their managers the concepts that will help them manage research and development as a strategic competitive weapon.