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Finding the right deals to generate superior returns for limited partners is ever more challenging for private equity funds, as they face competition from each other and from new entrants like hedge funds. At Arthur D. Little, we can help principal investors achieve superior returns through better due diligence and operational improvement of their portfolio companies. No longer can portfolio companies rely on pure market knowledge. To achieve aggressive returns they need to turn to outside industry professionals who know how to analyze information from multiple sources, uncover any market gaps or opportunities, and transform this knowledge into meeting the financial goals of the business.

For the past three years we have served over 100 private equity and venture capital clients, from the largest global buyout funds to mid-market investment houses across the world.

Returns under pressure

Record amounts of affordable equity and debt capital raised by private equity, venture capital and hedge funds have created a tremendous pool of capital pursuing scarce deal opportunities worldwide. With acquisition multiples on the rise, it is increasingly difficult to find "cheap" deals and generate superior returns from classic financial engineering (leverage) strategies. Successful investors must focus on operational improvement of their portfolio companies, something we at Arthur D. Little intimately understand.

How we can help

We serve our private equity clients in all the key areas of their investment process. Our services focus the needs of both the fund managers and the individual portfolio companies. Specifically:

Our services for Private Equity funds:

  • Proprietary deal flow to avoid traditional "auctions," including in-depth industry screenings to identify attractive acquisition targets
  • Due diligence, both initial market-focused studies and in-depth operational assessments, always focused on quantifying potential EBITDA improvements

Our services for Portfolio Companies:

  • Strategy Formulation
  • Sales Growth
  • Operational Improvement
  • Organizational Design
  • Post-Merger Integration

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